Building trust in RE:FIT

RE:FIT is the Mayor’s programme to make London more sustainable. Basically, it’s about replacing old fixtures and fittings in public buildings with new, eco-friendly alternatives like solar panels and double glazing.
It’s making a massive impact – cutting pollution and energy bills and saving organisations £7m a year to spend on better things. But people weren’t signing up. It sounded complicated, it requires an initial investment and people didn’t believe it would work. RE:FIT asked us to help them generate trust and get more buildings on board.

We capitalised on the inherent authority of the ‘Mayor of London’ brand and created a guarantee stamp with a clear promise – ‘Better Buildings. Guaranteed.’ Targeting and ease-of-use were critical, so we created 40 stamps for use with specific buildings, benefits and boroughs. And we kept design simple and bold to stand out in a sea of public-sector sameness.