Cheese Club

The brief
Our brief was simple: promote RY Cheese Club internally to RY colleagues.

The idea
RY Cheese Club centres around unusual, posh produce from fromageries around the world. It’s all about quality. And so was our idea. We doodled the cheesiest jokes we could think of on hundreds of cheap cheese singles. Then we added a line – ‘Want better quality cheese?’ – followed by event details. In the run up to the event, we put this cheap cheesy campaign everywhere from desks to walls to screens. And we carried it through to the night itself by using the cheese singles as comment cards and product descriptors.

The results
This was a simple, high-impact, low-tech campaign that was a real hit around the agency. Cheese Club sales skyrocketed by 450% and the event sold out, meaning it was the most successful Cheese Club yet.