How to do great work in 7 steps

Doing great idea-led work can be difficult. So many possibilities. So many moving parts. So many different opinions from clients, strategists, account people, fellow creatives, industry ‘experts', office dogs.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

When it comes to it, you can get there in 7 simple steps.

1. Understand the client

What’s the business, product or service? What’s its history? What’s its strategy?
What’s its brand idea? What’s it here to do? What’s it like to use or experience?

2. Know the context

Who’s the competition? What makes it different?
What’s happening in their world? Who’s the audience?

3. Examine the challenge

What’s the issue? Why is it happening?

4. Establish the objective

Simply, what does the client want to achieve?

5. Unearth the truth

What brilliant, specific, meaningful truth about the product or
service or issue will give you a way to solve the challenge?

6. Express the truth

Using words or visuals, how can you express the truth in a clever, standout way?
And think: what will work best for the client, the truth and the audience?

7. Execute

What’s the best way to get this across? What’s the right medium, messaging,
tech, experience, colour, shape, line, product, photo, finish, etc., etc., etc.?


It’s not unusual. It’s not flashy. It is effective.

Get full, clear, insightful answers at every stage; try, try, then try and try and try stuff again; end up with a brilliant idea, a happy client, and work that works. 

Idea. It’s not easy. It is simple.