TEDxLondon: Matter of Ingenuity

In June 2016, TEDxLondon and the Science Museum held an ingenuity-themed event and needed to inspire people to sign up and log on. They asked for our help creating an identity fit for the topic and the speakers – some of the greatest, most ingenious thinkers of our time.

We wanted to create an identity that was ingenious in itself. So, we played with the double meaning of ‘matter’ (in science ‘stuff’; in life ‘topic’) to create ‘Matter of ingenuity’. We used each letter as a thing (a piece of matter) to express the subject in hand – so ‘a matter of time’ ticked like a clock. And we used smart copy to introduce the speakers, like ‘No laughing matter’ for Al Murray.

The work featured online before, during and after the event. And it was used throughout the Science Museum on the day. Ultimately, the event was a great success – at the Science Museum and beyond. Tickets sold out in minutes. 500 people came to the event. 3,000 watched the live stream. 3 million engaged on social media.